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BETSGABE — betting exchange, where you play against other players, and you can bet to win one of the teams. If you are well versed in CS: GO, then this site is for you!


Winning depends on you and the other players bets


We guarantee that you will receive your winnings.


Take win after the match

How to bet?

1. Fund your account convenient for you.

2. Choose a match and make a bet on your favorite team.

3. After the winning of your team you will receive a prize, which will be made proportional to your bets . The prize fund is formed from the bets made by other players on the opposite team.

4. The Commission of system is 0%

Deposit and withdrawal

You can add funds and withdraw winnings by skins. In the near future you will be able to do this by payment systems.

It is important to know!

All operations are blocked 10 minutes before the start of the match. Cancel bet / translate it into the other team would not be possible!


Why I can not write in the chat?

Perhaps, you are not logged in or have been blocking in chat.

Why I can not cancel the bet / change bet on other teams?

You can not cancel a bet during a match.

If there is a draw, I get a refund?


If a match will be canceled, I will return the money?


Where to get and how to use a promotional code?

From time to time, we are placing promotional codes in our social networks. Also you can use the referral of another user. In this case, you will get a bonus, and he will get a reward for the referral.